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Nathan HardyDeveloper

Curriculum Vitæ

Hello, this is my Curriculum Vitæ

I'm a graduate of the Bachelor of Information Technology Co-operative Scholarship Program at the University of Technology, Sydney with a passion for IT and computer science. I also studied overseas in Dunedin, New Zealand at the University of Otago for my final semester. I am currently working at Kablamo with a big 3 telecommunications company.

I have previously interned at Appliances Online as a front end web developer. Prior to that, I have interned for and subsequently worked at Nine Digital as a full stack developer building the 9Now VOD website and APIs.

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Work History

Full Stack Engineer at Kablamo

March 2018 — present

I am currently working full time at Kablamo as a Full Stack Engineer. At the time of writing, I am working with a big 3 telecommunications company.

Prior to this I've worked with:

Intern at Appliances Online

January 2017 — July 2017

As part of my university degree, my third year placement was at Appliances Online. At Appliances Online I mainly worked on the website frontend which made use of AngularJS. Here, I was able to refine my frontend skills and at the same time learn new frameworks and tools.

Developer at Mi9/Nine Digital

December 2015 — December 2016

Upon completion of my internship, I was offered to continue with Mi9 (now Nine Digital) on the 9Now project - Channel 9's AVOD catch up and streaming platform. I worked with a variety of services that power 9Now. I gathered API requirements for 9Now's API, working with internal teams. I developed portions of the APIs that power 9Now Website and Apps and worked on the 9Now website, developing features through the agile process.

Intern at Mi9

July 2015 — December 2015

As part of my university degree, I was required to complete two 6 month industry placements. Work at Mi9 consisted of both frontend and backend work for 9Jumpin and 9Now. Work on 9Jumpin consisted of business-as-usual tasks, as well as show experience builds for high-profile shows such as Channel 9's The Block. For a majority of my time working on 9Jumpin I was the sole developer with the site in maitenance mode while 9Now was built.

Recovery Presentation Associate at Big W Macquarie Centre

April 2015 — September 2015

My role in the Macquarie Centre store consisted of store recovery and presentation duties. My work here concluded when I decided to focus on balancing my academic commitments with my full-time internship at Mi9.

Recovery Presentation Associate at Big W Ballina

December 2012 — December 2014

My position involved a variety of tasks including nightfill, service duties, customer service, checkouts, customer championing, home entertainment and photolab work. In January of 2015 I relocated to Sydney for tertiary education, and applied for a transfer to the Macqaurie Centre store which was finalised in April 2015.

Big W Retail Traineeship

September 2012 — December 2012

I participated in a work experience program with Big W whilst at school which entailed one day per week (9 to 5) for six weeks. At the conclusion of this program I was offered paid employment, which I accepted.


Study Abroad at University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

July 2017 — November 2017

For my final semester, I studied abroad at the University of Otago. Here, I am studied Computer Science electives to further my technical understanding in the field.

Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) Co-operative Scholarship Program at University of Technology, Sydney

2015 — 2017

I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Information Technology Co-operative Scholarship Program with the UTS, which involved two 6-month industry placements.

Higher School Certificate

English Standard78
Mathematics Extension 184
Mathematics Extension 278
Software Design and Development89




In July 2017, whilst in Dunedin, I participated in GovHackNZ, forming a team with 3 individuals whom I met at the event. Together, we produced a visual essay website, South Of 45 aggregating different open government data sources to derive meaningful insights for the local council. Our submission won two cash prizes totalling NZ$1500. To find out more, read the details on the GovHack page.

GovHack Sydney


In July 2016, immediately after a work hackathon, I worked over the weekend with 3 University classmates to produce a location-based social network, Tagger which made use of the Government POI database for GovHack Sydney. To find out more, read the details on the GovHack page.

NCSS Summer School

2014 — 2015

In January of 2014, I participated in the NCSS Summer School in the Python/web stream. We were tasked with building a social networking website and for this I worked as part of a team on Word By Word.

In January of 2015, I participated in the embedded systems stream of the NCSS Summer School. This involved working with electronic components in circuits and manipulating these with C/C++ code on Arduino robots.

NCSS Python Challenge

2012 — 2014

I participated in the National Computer Science School Python Challenge during high school. In 2013 and 2014, I took part in the advanced stream which involved working with binary data, steganography, breadth-first and depth-first searches, grammar parsing and a variety of other concepts.