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Hi, I'm Nathan HardyPhotograph by Isobelle Dwyer



I'm a graduate of the Bachelor of Information Technology Co-operative Scholarship Program at the University of Technology, Sydney with a passion for IT and computer science. I also studied overseas in Dunedin, New Zealand at the University of Otago for my final semester. I am currently working at Kablamo as a Full Stack Engineer contracted to the ABC working on ABC's Apple News pipeline.

I have previously interned at Appliances Online as a front end web developer. Prior to that, I have interned for and subsequently worked at Nine Digital as a full stack developer building the 9Now VOD website and APIs.

I have had an interest in computers from a young age and have worked on many small projects. Some of my more recent ones are listed here. I am proficient in the use of the git version control system and have used this in a variety of personal and professional projects. Often in an academic environment, I have found myself assisting others with this occasionally extending into the workplace as well. In my time at Nine Digital, I developed an understanding of the frameworks and architecture around which this website is based, including Node.js, React, Redux, Webpack, CSS Modules, etc. and have continually built upon this skillset since. I am extremely passionate about this combination of technologies, and I would look positively upon the opportunity to work with a similar mix in future.

This website is an open-source project available on GitHub. Please note that although the project itself is open-source, some images and content are protected by copyright.

Feel free to take a look at my online curriculum vitæ, or contact me if you have any questions.